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Monday, January 18, 2010

I like these stickers!

Drive Safe - Ride Safe

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration more than 44,000 cyclists are injured in traffic accidents every year, with more than 700 fatalaties. We at the Pedal Pushers Club would like to make a small effort to help increase safe cycling and safe driving through our "Bicycle Safe Vehicle" Sticker campaign.

The sticker campaign aims to both give drivers a reminder to keep an eye out for cyclists, while also encouraging cyclists to ride safely and legally. To acheive the latter goal 100% of the profits (For each $2 collected $1.50 will be donated with.50 used to cover cost of sticker, envelope, and postage) from the sticker campaign will be donated to the US Open of Cycling foundation which helps educate youth on safe cyling.

Stickers are available from


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