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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Legislative update

The Associated Press

BOISE - Senators voted 20-14 to require bikes be outfitted with at least one brake.

The bill was in a bicycle safety and responsibility package from Boise Democratic Sen. Elliot Werk.

Werk said Tuesday he wants to make sure that so-called "fixies" - those hip, single-speed bicycles styled after big-city messenger bikes - have stopping devices. Many don't now.

Werk says, "There's no coaster brake. There's no brake on the bike whatsoever."

Foes seemed piqued by the notion of government stepping further into the freewheeling realm of two-wheeled transit.

Sen. Jeff Siddoway, a Terreton Republican, argued government shouldn't be trying to tell people everything.

The bill now goes to the House.

A second Werk bill, to adds a $75 civil penalty to all infractions involving bicycles, failed 7-27.

There are two more bike-related bills pending in the Senate.

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