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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

File under: Gee, you needed a study to come to that conclusion?


-> According to the Apr. 13th edition of On Your Bike, newsletter of Bicycle Victoria, "Bike riders are more alert and aware of road space and the traffic environment than are drivers, a new research project has found. Riders, with their high position and 180 degrees unimpeded vision, not only see a wider perspective, but also observed further ahead in a line of traffic."

"Most cyclists used this perspective to plan for their next moves in the traffic, but it also serves to alert them to likely road situations within the next few minutes. However from the drivers' perspective, this increased awareness could be seen as risky riding because the driver, with a poorer view, had comparatively less understanding of the road ahead. The findings come from a study which used cameras on helmets and inside cars to record journeys in Melbourne. Participants were also asked to comment on tape about what they were observing on the road..."

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