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Monday, August 1, 2011

Bike Parking at Art on the Green

For the third year in a row, patrons of Art on the Green can come and go from
the event with more ease while saving time and gas thanks to a “bike corral” organized by the
North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation with support from the Kootenai County Young
Professionals. “The Bike Corral is basically valet parking for your bicycle,” said Charlie Miller,
Manager of the North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation. “Parking and traffic can be a huge
challenge during Art on the Green, but people can easily ride their bicycle to the event, leave it at
the Bike Corral, and enjoy the festivities knowing their bike is looked after.”

The Corral will be located at the main entrance to Art on the Green on the North Idaho College
Campus and will be manned during the hours of the festival, beginning on Friday, August 5 and
ending on Sunday, August 7.

“We want to encourage people to get out on their bikes and enjoy the community. The Bike
Corral was a huge success the past two years, and we hope to see even more people on bikes this
year,” said Miller.

The Kootenai County Young Professionals will help run the corral but anyone form the community
interested in volunteering is encouraged to spend a few hours in the shade tending to the corral.
Contact Charlie Miller at (208) 292-1634 or charlie@nictf.org to sign-up for a shift. "This is a great
opportunity to not only ride your bike, but also to help out.”

The North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation is a membership-based organization that strives to
help preserve, develop, and improve the trail systems in our community. Visit http://www.nictf.org/ for
more information.

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