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Friday, October 12, 2012

Nine Reasons to Create a Bicycle-Friendly Business District

There is compelling evidence for the economic and livability benefits Bicycle-Friendly Business Districts (BFBDs) can bring to businesses and neighborhoods.
We asked a national expert, April Economides, to educate us about those benefits. Earlier this week Economides explained the concept of BFBDs and how they are spreading throughout the community earlier this week in our story “Emerging Trend: Bicycle-Friendly Business Districts.” Economides created the nation’s first Bike-Friendly Business District program for the City of Long Beach and has launched similar efforts in San Diego and Oakville (Canada). She speaks around the U.S. and Canada about “The Business Case for Bicycling” and Bike-Friendly Business Districts. For the complete article click here.


  1. Why are there always pictures of somewhere other than CDA?

  2. Bicycle friendly routes across every cities will have numerous benefits such as economy and pollution reduction.

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