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Monday, June 2, 2014

AAA extends roadside service to bicyclists

463560077National Bike Month may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean you should stop bike commuting, especially since AAA bike service is now on the table for certain clubs.
That’s right, in some states, AAA has extended its service to help bicycle riders in distress. 

What AAA Bike Service Includes
AAA members get 2 bike calls a year. The AAA bike service covers transportation of the rider and the bike within 10 miles. So, you can be taken to a nearby bike shop or back home if you're within the 10 mile parameter. Transportation over 10 miles will result in a mileage fee. 

What AAA Bike Service Doesn't Include
There are some instances when bike service won't save the day:
  • You're riding a tandem bike.
  • You need a lift from your home to a bike shop.
  • You're a member of a AAA club that doesn't offer bike service.
  • You're stuck out in the boonies, meaning you're not located near a normally traveled road or street. 
And, don't forget, not all AAA clubs are offering bike service. So far we’ve only seen it advertised in a handful of areas, like Washington, Minneapolis, Southern New England, Oregon, Colorado, and parts of Idaho. Check your local club’s site to see if they offer AAA bike service in your hood.
Don't want National Bike Month to end? Set up a bike commuting program at your company. Our 5 Things to Consider Before Launching a Bike to Work Program can help you get rolling. 
Happy Commuting!

Source: http://blog.commuterbenefits.com

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