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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


A Portland artist Johnny Olivan has created six different bike-cars that are turning heads.  What's a bike car you ask?  It's a vehicle that will perform a task (replacing a vehicle) that is pedal powered.  Here is a description of his bike-cars:
There's the "Bike-Car Hands-On" -- which he will have to re-create because the original was stolen and scrapped before it could be recovered. The three-person vehicle is designed so a person in a wheelchair can roll up the ramp and into a "driving position," operating a hand-cranked drivetrain while two other riders pedal on either side.

 The "Mini-Bike Bus" is designed to take a passel of kids to school. Along with two adult drivers, it can seat five kids for a truly fun ride to class, or just around the block.

The "H2O Flow" has a catchment tarp above it that feeds rainwater into three steel barrels mounted on the back. ("It even does its job while it's parked," Olivan notes. "Cars just sit there taking space.")

The "Bike-Car Media" has camera mounts for on-the-fly video, or it can serve as a mobile tripod for still cameras. It's designed to operate in the middle of the scene at bike events.

The "Bike-Car Rescue" is a pedal-powered tow truck -- it's equipped to haul both you and your broken-down bike to the nearest pit stop.

And the "Trashy Tricycle" is equipped with a trash-can trailer, so people can deposit trash into it during an event or just riding around town.
Read the whole story here: http://www.oregonlive.com/living/index.ssf/2011/01/a_portland_artists_fantastical.html

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