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Friday, May 6, 2011

Bike to Work Week Shirts

Here is our new Bike to Work Week T-shirt (we have our own logo now!). The shirts will be Forest Green this year with black and white lettering and are available in a polyester blend (under-armor) or cotton. The cost per shirt is $20 for the Under-Armor shirt and $15 for the cotton shirt. Contact Monte McCully if you would like one, but you need to act fast! Orders must be in no later than Monday morning.


  1. What a great shirt! The people who came up with that idea must be genius!

  2. I dig the shirt. I lost my sitter for this mornings kick off ride, so I wont be attending. But I have it covered for the Moonlight ride on Wednesday. We will see you then. Oh, if you have any xtra shirts, I'll definately purchase one.