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Friday, July 29, 2011

Bicyclist pulled over going 42 mph in West Seattle


SEATTLE -- A bicyclist was clocked going 42 miles per hour on a notorious West Seattle hill Wednesday by Seattle Police.

The bicyclist was pulled over on Southwest Admiral Way, where Seattle Police were conducting an aggressive driving patrol. The hill is a 30 mph posted speed zone.

The bicyclist was issued a written warning.

In an interesting twist, a person claiming to be the bicyclist who was pulled over, calling himself Kevin, commented on an article about the incident on the West Seattle Blog. Here is what he posted:

"As the cyclist involved … I figure I should give my 2 cents.

I was fine with being pulled over. I could have gotten a ticket and would have been OK with it; however, the SUV gaining on me from behind should have also been given a ticket. Going 42 (and by the way… why does everyone assume I was going downhill) on Admiral just keeps you with the flow of traffic. This morning, I was going about 30 mph and had a car zoom past on the right hand side and cut over right in front of me just before the merge to Spokane. Like it or not, it’s safer for a bike to break the speed limit and keep up with traffic (if possible) than to try to obey the law.

The officer was nice about the whole situation (and seemed to get a kick out of pulling over a bike). He said he had been looking for a bike to pull over for a while (apparently, I was the first going fast enough). He told me he was careful to write a neat contact report so that I could frame it. If only I had known I was going to be clocked…"

The bicyclist wasn't the only one caught speeding. One driver was pulled over for going 61 mph down the hill, and several others were ticketed for going between 51 and 46 mph.

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