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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Freshman Stripe

Now that rain season meets bike commuting, this article from KCRA.com reinforces the need to get fenders on your bike. It only took me one rainy ride many years ago to convince me to buy fenders; the wet seat of my pants swinging around like a full diaper...

DAVIS, Calif. -- Some new students at UC Davis have this week received a mark of shame, known as the "freshman stripe." From The Field: Bikes At UC Davis As rain fell on campus Monday afternoon, roads and bike paths became wet, and so did the backs of uninitiated bicycle riders. Students who have experienced the "freshman stripe" describe a mixture of discomfort and shame. "It was bad. Everybody was looking at me. And I was like 'No!' " transfer student Eric Lal said. "All my bag got wet. And then my books got wet, too." At the on-campus bicycle shop known as the Bike Barn, riders were lined up out the door. Most had come to pay $21 for a set of plastic tire fenders. "Biking in the rain sucks. And the 'freshman stripe' or the newbie stripe? Nobody wants it," transfer student Samantha Torsky said. The Bike Barn said business picked up as soon as the rain started to fall Monday, and it continued to be steady Tuesday. In addition to bike fenders, the shop also recommends rain jackets designed with long backs and without hoods, so that they can be worn with a helmet. "A lot of people come in right at the beginning of the year, as well. But pretty much as soon as the first rain hits, they'll come in," said Kristin Snow, one of the managers at the Bike Barn. Read more: http://www.kcra.com/news/29386203/detail.html#ixzz1ZvOA4d7d

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