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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wine for Wheelchairs

From the Huckleberries Blog:
When Gordon Holmes takes the podium tonight in the Davenport Hotel’s swank Isabella Ballroom, it’s a given the subject of precious metals will come up. Holmes, after all, is the featured banquet speaker for the annual Silver Summit. This year’s two-day confab will unite 700 investors, explorers, vendors, silver producers and metals aficionados. But here’s the thing about Holmes. While the 60-year-old has been dubbed “an evangelist” for the silver-and-gold crowd, his real zeal centers on one of the most compelling charities I’ve ever encountered. “Wines for Wheelchairs,” Holmes calls it. Here’s how it works: Buy a bottle of wine from his premium Lookout Ridge Winery (www.lookoutridge.com), and Holmes will donate a wheelchair to someone in desperate need of mobility/Doug Clark, SR. More here.

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